Secret Formula Teleseminar- An Overview

Published: 18th October 2010
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The secret formula teleseminar is a 33-minute seminar which offers a behind-the-scenes look at the 'guru' Rod Stinson's "Secret Formula", which helped him mint more than seven million dollars working from home. It also teaches ways by which one can start earning a steady $497.00 to about $3,497 on a regular basis.

An Overview On The Man Behind The Secret Formula Teleseminar

Before we begin, one needs to know who Rod Stinson really is? Well, this man is a marketing mogul with more than two decades of experience in network marketing (multilevel). He has been extremely successful in this field, earning millions of dollars each year. However, before making millions with his endeavors in the industry he too like normal people suffered from serious financial problems.

In his own words, this man tells people his story as a little boy who fell in front of a house off a bike and punctured his lip. Pitifully, Rod says that the very first thing that he hoped was to be able to afford to get the wound fixed. That was the turning point when he decided to get out of the money crunch. That's when he started his crusade to make himself and his whole family very wealthy.

His story has a happy ending, as he succeeded.

It was only a few years later that Rod came up with a very imaginative marketing strategy that people today recognize as the "Secret Formula." This started on a fine afternoon when Rod had nothing much to do. He sat on his deck which faced the ocean, flipped an empty box of pizza and started writing and developing a brilliant marketing strategy that came to his mind.

This strategy is basically a plan which markets a system. After partnering with a well known "webucation" organization, Rod's plan took care of everything involved with marketing a company. Hence, anyone who uses his system does not have to be marketing savvy; all he or she has to do is plug into the system and earn huge commissions on a regular basis.

This plan offered by this Mogul includes:

1. Lead generation Tools that Rod Stenson shows how to utilize in the Secret Formula Teleseminar.

2. An option to get all the marketing done by the experts so that one can put his or her business on autopilot without worrying...

3. Make extremely high commissions from $497 - $9497 in a month, week, or even daily.

4. Being the sole owner of the whole commission, making sure that one gets paid for what he or she is worth.

5. A product line which is guaranteed to sell and appeal to Business Opportunity Buyers...

6. Rod also takes care of the deals. Hence, there is no stress of selling, explaining, or creating hype.

7. One just has to keep following the system offered by Rod and that's good enough to be able to generate duplicate results.

Hence, if one is looking for a plan, a strategy or a "business in a box" that is absolutely "turn-key," and produces 100% commission and does not require too much effort then Rod Stenson's "Secret Formula" deserves a look. The best way to know about this formula is by attending the Secret Formula Teleseminar.

Charles Wandless

If you want to mint money and are looking for a 'business in a box' that offers huge commission then attend Secret Formula Teleseminar.

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